All types of Cutting plates in HRC 35, 40, 48 and 50

Published at

24 August, 2022

Published by

Harold Van Cauwenberge

Cutting plates are one of the standard die cutting consumables that spring to mind. Back in the day, thick HRC 50 cutting plates were the most common. Machine used to be running for long times and creasing matrices or pertinax were used to get the right box design.


Around 30 years ago, the industry switched to using 1 mm cutting plates instead. The invention of the micrometric adjustment system allowed that. Thanks to the adjustment systems, the cutting plates can be kept in stock, ready to go again when the order would come again. The matrices and pertinax did not need to be removed and a lot of time was saved.


The extra benefit was of course that when the cutting plate was damaged, only the 1 mm cutting plate was in need for replacement. This is obviously way more interesting from a cost perspective in comparison to replacing a 4, 5 or 6 mm cutting plate.


Perivo was there right at the start of the 1 mm era and this is still a strong area for the company.


Thanks to the 30 years of experience, PERIVO has an extensive product library to provide cutting plates for all types of die cutting machines. This is the case for the major players in the market like Bobst, Iberica and Heidelberg but also for the less common machines from Sanwa, Yawa, Kama and others, Perivo has cutting plates for you. Even if your machine differs from the standard dimensions, PERIVO can offer you a tailormade solution.


Perivo offers you the broadest selection of plates in different sizes, thickness and hardness. This allows you to select the ideal plate based on your preference to mill, use matrix or pertinax. Some of our possibilities are HRC 35, HRC 40, HRC 48 and HRC 50. In regards to thickness, our best-selling plates can be purchased in 1 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.35 mm and 1.5 mm.


PERIVO strives to make the best quality cutting and support plates in order to guarantee the highest demands on flatness and parallelism which are key for your production speed and efficiency.