Patching should be an exception

Published at

21 November, 2022

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Harold Van Cauwenberge

When the decision is made to invest in a die cutter (whether that is a Bobst, Iberica, Heidelberg, Masterworks or another brand), the goal will always be to make that investment as efficient as possible. That means that the machine needs to be up and running as long as possible.

Dealing with downtime between jobs is thus not desirable. And every production plant would like to deal with a minimal downtime.

Having to patch for jobs is one of the elements where a lot of time is lost. Patching is a way of evening out the production and covering up small errors in the die. However, when patching is a continuous job that needs to done for every new job, that means that something is wrong.

When patching is a standard procedure, it means that there are issues in the cutting section. Especially when there always is patching tape in the same area, there could be something wrong with either the chase plate, the resocell bed or the support plate.

When you look at your production efficiency, it does not make sense to always lose 5-10 minutes with patching. If the die cutting operator knows upfront that he will need to patch for every new job, you are losing time. In that case, it would be better to start fresh, get a new resocell bed with support plate or a new chase plate.

With a fresh and clean set-up, you will reduce your patching needs and only use the tape for the outliers, in those cases where the set-up is not standard. You will gain between 5-10 minutes for every changeover. This means having a return of investment of only a couple of weeks.

PERIVO is able to offer you the resocell bed, support plate or chase plate. Most of these items are standard in stock. PERIVO recommends to change the resocell bed every 5-7 years and the chase plate every 2-3 years. This will make sure that your patching is always for the outliers and it will prevent that patching is a standard part of a job changeover.

Keep your production lean and as efficient as possible. That is what PERIVO is all about. Get in touch if you want your production set-up analyzed.