The Perivo Micrometric System for Bobst and other die cutting machines

Published at

09 January, 2023

Published by

Harold Van Cauwenberge

Currently, working with 1 mm cutting plates on your Bobst die cutting machine is the standard practice in the industry.


However, this was not always the case. Companies used to work with 4 or 5 mm cutting plates on Bobst machines. These thick hardened and ground inox cutting plates used to stay in the machine all the time. Matrixes or pertinax was applied on these plates and scrabbed off when a new order was prepared.


The 1 mm cutting plates brought a lot of benefits: you could keep your 1 mm plates in stock with the matrices still on the plate. This saved valuable time so that the machine could keep on running. It also opened up the door for the milling of cutting plates. In addition, when a plate was damaged, it was only the 1 mm medium hard cutting plate that needed to be replaced instead of an expensive hard cutting plate.


If you have a medium hard cutting plate in stock together with a die and you want to place it back on the machine when as an order is there, you need to be able to adjust the 1 mm plate slightly so that the matrices, pertinax or milling fits the die. That’s where the micrometric system comes into place.


Perivo offers you micrometric systems not only for your Bobst machine but also for other brands like Heidelberg, Sanwa, Yoco and others.


The Perivo micrometric system for these other machines like Heidelberg is a state-of-the-art solution. The micrometric system is build into a new support plate. Special 1 mm cutting plates are provided by Perivo that allow for adjustment on the X and Y axis.


If you want to start working more efficiently and you are not sure whether your Sanwa, Heidelberg, Yoco or other die cutting machine can switch to 1 mm cutting plates, please reach out to us. The micrometric system of Perivo will boost your production efficiency and allow for a bigger product output.