Stripping Pins that removes headaches

Published at

20 July, 2022

Published by

Harold Van Cauwenberge

In every production process, there is some type of waste. The key element is to make sure that you don’t throw away valuable materials. And to make sure that the waste does not hinder the production of your end product.


If you want to make boxes, getting rid of the paper waste is key. You need to end with ready to go boxes. That is where the stripping section for die cutting machines comes in.


Luckily, the times that the waste removal was done by hand, lie behind us. Nowadays, a combination of stripping boards, stripping pins, pushers and other elements are being used.


How do you make sure that your waste removal does not cause you a headache? Without a proper waste removal set-up in place, your die cutting machine could break-down. Losing production time due to some waste, that is a nightmare of course.


So, what is the solution? Stripping pins of course. The stripping pins are placed on penholders that are attached to the lower stripping frame. PERIVO offers this entire stripping section for Bobst, Iberica and other die cutting machines. It is a one-stop-shop.


The stripping pins move up and down whilst getting rid of the scrap material. The PERIVO stripping pins, if properly positioned, can work at high speed and don’t wear out. You would probably need to replace the stripping pins of a competitor already a couple of times before the PERIVO stripping pin has reached the end of his life.


All stripping pins are positioned at the correct place during the preparation, normally on a make-ready table. That means that all stripping pins are detachable and can be used for any job.


PERIVO offers a broad range of stripping pins. Since your jobs are all different, your need for stripping pins differ as well.


So check out our stripping portfolio or reach out to the PERIVO team for more information!