Why a Chaseloader for a die cutting machine is a must-have

Published at

09 September, 2022

Published by

Harold Van Cauwenberge

Every production plant shares the same two objectives: getting the plant as efficient and making sure that the employees get to go safe after a hard day’s work.


A chaseloader contributes to both those criteria. It is an integral part of a die cutting machine. The goal of a chaseloader is to quickly replace the cutting chases from one job onto the next. A PERIVO chaseloader is available for all types of die cutting machines like Bobst, Heidelberg, Iberica, Sanwa, Asahi, MK and many others.


The PERIVO chaseloaders can be easily installed and it takes only a couple of hours. Once installed, there is no maintenance needed.


It is key for the chaseloader to be positioned accurately. The chases can be slid in or out of the machine with minimal effort. Literally, you can change the chases with just one finger. Therefore, only one operator is needed for switching chases.


A PERIVO chaseloader can include a third position for the resocell bed. This will enable a more convenient, rapid and ergonomic cleaning of the resocell plate.


Each PERIVO chaseloader has four 90 degrees movements and can be easily change position.


In addition to reducing downtime, the chaseloader is an ergonomic solution for the operator as well. There is no more hassle of lifting a cutting chase  on your own and risking throwing out your back. A couple of security features are also provided by PERIVO, such as a security system to prevent chase fall-out, air vessels for air pressure failure and extra support on the operator plateau.


When the die cutter is running, the dies can be prepared on a second cutting chase which is fitted into the chaseloader. So, you save time and you take care of the preparation while the machine is stull running.