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SP 1260

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104001: Synthetic coverplate 4,2 mm

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111014: Chase plate 2 mm INOX hardened and ground

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119009: Cutting chase with Quick-Lock (modification)

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147009: Micrometric system for 1 mm cutting plates

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153011: Hard 5 mm inox cutting plate (HRC 50)

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160009: 4 mm support plate INOX hardened and ground

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180001: Synthetic bed / resocell plate 25,5 mm

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219001: Adjustable centreline block in galvanized steel 15X11MM

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219002: Adjustable centreline block in galvanized steel 15 x 15 mm

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231001: ALU profile for stripping bar (12x50mm)

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251001: Upper stripping pin 1,5 mm

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252001: 3-hole pinholder with clamp

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252002: 2-hole pinholder with clamp

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252003: 4-hole pinholder with clamp

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253001: 5-hole pinholder with clamp