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Since 1993, PERIVO supplies customers in the carton industry in more than 70 countries. 

"We support you to increase productivity by supplying technically innovative and cost-effective solutions in die cutting.


Complete offer

PERIVO offers a complete product range for the most known brands. We supply (standard) products and parts suitable for die cutting machines of the most known brands includes Bobst, Iberica, Heidelberg/WPM, Sanwa, SBL, Yoco, Asahi, etc. Our stock includes many (standard) products and parts for cutting, stripping and blanking for all sort of packaging like corrugated board, solid board and synthetic materials.

Strong in productivity improvement

PERIVO will be happy to propose you the required solutions for your productivity improvements. We are able to support you by providing expertical advice about the optimal technical solution for your die cutting requirements. Our products can be adapted on your specific needs, which allows us to offer you a custom made solution.

High quality products & exchangeable tooling

PERIVO supplies high quality products and continuously aims to improve the products. Most of the PERIVO products are exchangeable for machines of various generations. Many of our parts we sell, such as lower stripping pins and clamps, are made up of separate components that can be repaired or replaced, without having to replace the whole part.

Quick order fulfillment

PERIVO aims to send you an appropriate answer or offer within 24 hours. Many of our products are available from stock and can be delivered within days. If not, we guarantee short delivery times, even for our custom made products.

Innovations from PERIVO

PERIVO Quick- Lock

Our universal Quick-Lock system fits all models of Bobst die cutting machines. Quick-Lock ensures fast and accurate positioning of all tooling in the cutting, stripping and blanking section. Because the tooling fits into one frame, your machine is fast and efficiently set up and fully operational. Meanwhile, the set-up times for (for example) SP 102-CER and SP 142-CER machines can be reduced to 15 minutes.

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