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Product innovation

Product innovation is essential to be able to offer our high-quality products. 

In addition, our products can be adapted on your specific needs, which allows us to offer you a custom made solution.

Some of our product innovations are:

Inox (stainless steel) chase & cutting plates

PERIVO supplies highly durable plates made of hardened and ground inox (stainless steel). This material extends the durability of the cutting plate by 35% and reduces cleaning and maintenance of the die cutting section by up to 75%. PERIVO is the best solution for your steel counterplates, whether you are using matrix, pertinax or milled cutting plates. 

Top Quality 1 mm cutting plates

Thanks to the 30 years of experience, PERIVO has developped a massive product library of 1 mm steel cutting plates for Bobst, Iberica, Heidelberg and other diecutting machines.

PERIVO is a trusted partner for many companies for the 1 mm cutting plates thanks for the guarantee of flatness, no scratches and worry free diecutting plates. 


Thanks to the efficient production set-up, PERIVO is able to keep a lot of stock of the most common 1 mm cutting plates and is able to provide you with a rapid order fullfillment to keep you Bobst, Iberica, Heidelberg, Sanwa or other diecutting machine running all the time. 

Stripping pins 

PERIVO offers an extensive range of stripping pins in 4 standard variations and pin holders, to solve all your stripping problems. 

Our assortment includes the classic 15 mm extended body with 4 mm hardened needle, but also a super slim stripping pin with 8 mm body and 2,5 mm needle. With our new and innovative pin holders and stripping pins we can solve any stripping problem!

The Quick- Lock system

Our universal Quick-Lock system fits all models of Bobst die cutting machines. Quick-Lock ensures fast and accurate positioning of all tooling in the cutting, stripping and blanking section. Because the tooling fits into one frame, your machine is fast and efficiently set up and fully operational. Meanwhile, the set-up times for (for example) SP 102-CER and SP 142-CER machines can be reduced to 15 minutes.

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Extensive range for brands like Bobst, Iberica, Heidelberg/WPM, etc.